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Are Rental Properties Right For You?

With the constant volatility in the stock market and the steadily increasing demand and return from the rental housing more people are turning to rental property ownership. If this is something you’ve been thinking about please check out this information article.Is Rental Property Ownership Right For You? If you’re shopping for the best rental property loan rates. Click Here Rental Property Loans

Using Asset Based Lending For Debt Financing

When you are looking to start a business, debt can be a very common, and very scary, thing to have. Many small business owners need to finance the debt that comes from paying employees, upping inventory, office supplies and more. The only problem is that, as a new business owner, you probably don’t have an upstanding line of credit quite yet.   Without established, secure credit, banks and other lenders Read More

Business Plan vs Financial Proposal

A business plan may seem like an unnecessary expenditure of energy for a lot of business owners or for entrepreneurs who want to create a new business. Unless you happened to go to business school, chances are that you didn’t even consider writing either of these documents until you were looking for financing. Therefore, to you, it may seem that they are both pretty much the same thing. In reality, Read More

Using A Merchant Cash Advance To Financing Your Business

There are times when business owners find themselves in a situation where they need to put some cash together quickly. There are a number of different ways that a business can go about getting cash. They can approach a bank, or another type of lender for a loan. They can sell their accounts receivable to a third party, or they can use it as collateral when securing a line of Read More

Tips For Increasing Your Business’s Profitability

In these challenging economic times of wavering highs and lows, it would behoove any astute business professional to diligently educate themselves on creative and effective methods of increasing revenues. However, a mere thought alone without action will prove fruitless unless specific strategies are put into play and actually executed. The following are five helpful tips that will provide a fresh perspective to breathe new life into your company and effectually, Read More

How Alternative Lending Has Revolutionized Traditional Business Loans

Alternative lending is a term used to convey a wide group of financial services firms that offer loans to businesses outside of a traditional bank. Often these entities have been denied a traditional bank loan, due to banks’ frequently unattainable standards for loan approval. When a business does not have stellar credit or the collateral required to secure a loan, going to an alternative lender can be a viable option Read More

What to Look for When Investing in Property

Investing in property can be a lucrative endeavor. The historical appreciation rate for the housing market over the last 50 years is over 5%, so if you play it smart, you can make a positive return on your purchase. However, without the right strategy, an investment property can be financially disastrous. Here are few things to keep in mind when investing in real estate.   Location Home prices vary drastically Read More

Ready to Upgrade From a Home Office? Here’s What You Need to Know!

While many home-based business owners enjoy low start-up costs and minimal risk, they have a much harder time catering to expansion. If you’re looking to hire staff or hold regular client meetings, it may be time to research a new location, update your permits, and re-evaluate your business needs. When moving to a commercial space, financing is usually the biggest factor and can be a major barrier if you lack Read More

How Trucking Companies Can Benefit From Leasing

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The trucking business is very competitive, and it can be profitable if you manage your business well. There are a number of ways you can get the truck equipment you need, but the sales person at the dealership may not present the best option for you. As a small business owner of a trucking company, you need to do your homework when you are looking for truck equipment financing. You Read More

Understanding CMBS Loans

When learning about commercial loans, there are two main types investors should be familiar with: portfolio loans and CMBS loans. A portfolio loan is a mortgage loan that is retained by the original lender for the life of the loan, as opposed to being sold on a secondary market. A commercial mortgage backed security (CMBS) loan is a mortgage loan that is pooled together with other loans and transferred to Read More