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Are Rental Properties Right For You?

With the constant volatility in the stock market and the steadily increasing demand and return from the rental housing more people are turning to rental property ownership. If this is something you’ve been thinking about please check out this information article.Is Rental Property Ownership Right For You? If you’re shopping for the best rental property loan rates. Click Here Rental Property Loans

Using Asset Based Lending For Debt Financing

When you are looking to start a business, debt can be a very common, and very scary, thing to have. Many small business owners need to finance the debt that comes from paying employees, upping inventory, office supplies and more. The only problem is that, as a new business owner, you probably don’t have an upstanding line of credit quite yet.   Without established, secure credit, banks and other lenders Read More

Using A Merchant Cash Advance To Financing Your Business

There are times when business owners find themselves in a situation where they need to put some cash together quickly. There are a number of different ways that a business can go about getting cash. They can approach a bank, or another type of lender for a loan. They can sell their accounts receivable to a third party, or they can use it as collateral when securing a line of Read More

Tips For Increasing Your Business’s Profitability

In these challenging economic times of wavering highs and lows, it would behoove any astute business professional to diligently educate themselves on creative and effective methods of increasing revenues. However, a mere thought alone without action will prove fruitless unless specific strategies are put into play and actually executed. The following are five helpful tips that will provide a fresh perspective to breathe new life into your company and effectually, Read More

Understanding CMBS Loans

When learning about commercial loans, there are two main types investors should be familiar with: portfolio loans and CMBS loans. A portfolio loan is a mortgage loan that is retained by the original lender for the life of the loan, as opposed to being sold on a secondary market. A commercial mortgage backed security (CMBS) loan is a mortgage loan that is pooled together with other loans and transferred to Read More

Advantages of Leasing Business Equipment

Leasing Business Equipment can provide a great solution for businesses that need essential equipment but don’t have a large amount of cash available for purchases. Leasing equipment such as computers, fax machines, or furniture allows businesses to spend less in the short term and provides a number of advantages over renting or buying. 1)     Leasing increases available cash flow. Purchasing equipment outright requires a large amount of cash that could Read More

Short Term Financing For Businesses

When in need of financing, there are generally two types a business can apply for: long-term and short-term. Long term financing usually applies to larger expenses, such as equipment or real estate, where the return on investment will happen over time. These loans are usually paid off in a period of one to seven years, or sometimes may not reach maturity until ten or twenty years. Short term financing is Read More